Episode 19: How To Become An Automatic Millionaire


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Today in this mini-episode, David has some exciting news to share! There is a company called Acorns that helps people to invest small amounts of money, the change you have lying around that you are looking to put to good purpose – and it all happens automatically. But it gets better: Acorns has grown so rapidly over the last few years that they have now partnered with one of the biggest names in Hollywood: Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, and together, they are launching a campaign to help parents invest small amounts of money for their kids, thereby tapping into the benefit of compound interest while they are still young. If you have not yet opened an IRA account, go to acorns.com and set it up right now – it will take you 10 minutes. For more on David’s involvement with Acorns and all the incredible advantages of investing with the company that is changing the rules of investing, stay tuned!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear about Acorns, the company that helps you invest small amounts automatically.
  • Find out how the Hollywood A-lister has partnered up with Acorns for a special campaign.
  • The Rock’s story of starting over with $7 and how they’re helping kids start small.
  • What you should do to start investing in Acorns automatically – right now.
  • Why you no longer need tons of money and experience to invest and can do so at any age!


“There’s no barrier to entry anymore. You can’t say I don’t have enough money because you do. If you have change, Acorns will help you invest your change.” — @AuthorDavidBach [0:07:18]

“Sounds like an infomercial? But it’s not a paid one. It is me passionately wanting to push you here in the fall to get going investing automatically. If you have not opened an IRA account, go to Acorns and open up an IRA account – invest automatically.” — @AuthorDavidBach [0:09:13]

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