Episode 21: Finish 2020 Strong in Life, Money & Business


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We have 78 days left in the year as I record this. Don't give up on 2020. This year is not yet over. Let's have one "amazing end to your year."

After talking with a friend who had a tough year & wasn’t feeling super positive, I knew that I needed to record this episode.

In today’s episode, I provide my unique positive framework on how to crush the end of your year and live your richest life now. Take a listen and learn how to:

  • Shift your mindset
  • Do a positive inventory of what has gone right this year
  • Set goals to end this year strong
  • A process on how to record and appreciate what you are grateful for
  • And much much more

Plus learn about the brand new website we've launched this week at www.finishrich.com to help you live and finish rich now! This brand new site has over 50 new articles for you - all free to help you make smarter decisions with you money.

And you can ask me questions now on the website.

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