Episode 13: More Good News - Yes You Can Find It If You Look!


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A quick update from David Bach, live from - Italy.

Come learn quickly what's working in Italy - that the media is NOT reporting (enough).

The Corona Virus numbers are trending down - and we're leveling out.

And there's hopeful news about the economy and GDP in the second half of the year.

Come learn more and be inspired by David - as he shows the light at the end of the tunnel.

You need to find the good news!

You need to lean in vs. lean out to life now.

AND its time to focus on "PURPOSE NOT PERFECTION".

Together we've got this!

Let's GO!

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***its David - and I wrote this, and I want you to know I read your comments. It's why I am still doing these podcasts. I love to hear they are helping. So please continue to let me know if these are helping!***

And with that, sending you a virtual hug (which is safe) from Florence, Italy.

Let’s go!


Join us...

As David Bach, 10X New York Times bestselling author and America's favorite financial expert, talks about his unique experience living in Italy during the Cornavirus quarantine.

While these are scary times, David's goal with this podcast is to give you clarity, confidence and an action plan to help you be safer and better prepared for what is coming.

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