The David Knight Show - 2020- April 6, Monday - Tyranny, Not Coronavirus, Is Killing America!


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— 00:04:34 A germ-free world? George Carlin vs Fauci — a comedian predicted the black comedy we’re experiencing now as we trade our liberty for the promise of safety.
— 00:14:08 Want a New Drug? How about an old drug that cures COVID19? US manufacturing has been so eviscerated by globalism that Trump has to beg India’s Prime Minister to sell us hydroxychloroquine.
— 00:22:31 Don’t count on masks helping you escape biometric surveillance. There’s an app for that. China can already identity people with masks AND take their temperature at the same time.
— 00:45:18 German scientist actually does science. Finds that COVID19 doesn’t linger on surfaces or most of the other superstitions that the public has been fed by Fauci & CDC.
— 00:46:13 NYC subways are more crowded and dirtier than any restaurant, but rather than shutdown a govt operation, NYC will add MORE subway trains! Meanwhile, NYPD harasses those attending a funeral. Police State is the disease.
— 00:55:20 The Diamond Princess cruise ship was an infectious nightmare — a worst case scenario. But now that it’s over, it’s our best test case. The disease wasn’t that bad. It was what happened to the people.
— 01:00:39 Greater Depression — 43% of businesses turned into beggars for govt handouts & probably won’t survive. 30% of homeowners will lose their homes. $2Trillion “CARES Act” is a fraud.
— 01:03:42 Proof there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans & Democrats on the mandated Depression.
— 01:23:27 Why New Orleans fatality rate is 7X’s higher than NYC!
— 01:34:18 Callers join on “Q”, empty hospitals, tanks in the streets and the technocracy’s blueprint from Davos World Economic Forum.
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