The David Knight Show - 2019- October 18, Friday - Breaking Bad: More Fake Arrests Over Bad Drug Tests


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00:04:28 Another person wrongfully arrested over police “field tests”, this time kitty-litter identified as “meth”
00:13:58 Media is obsessed with Syria & the Kurds, but actual war is going on at our own border as last night’s violent shoot-out and eventual surrender of Mexico forces to the Sinaloa cartel shows.
00:37:48 Biden’s connections to NATO’s Atlantic Council think tank that pushed for internet censorship & joined with Facebook to do it.
00:46:11 NBA tries to do damage control on bowing to China as Lebron is portrayed as “Mickey Mao”
00:55:47 Eric Peters,, joins to look at the electronic issue that is bricking Tesla’s after 4 yrs, Musk’s lobbying for federal mandates to replace rearview mirrors with complex & expensive cameras, UBI & the GM strike, and the green policies that have blacked out California’s grid.
01:23:44 Will “Mosquito Mail” replace “Snail Mail” or will USPS go the way of the dodo bird?
01:28:14 Trump in Dallas; the threats, the crowds, the Alex Jones armored vehicle bull horn.
01:37:44: Romney rails against Trump for doing what he advocated with the Kurds, and the Turks were mobilizing to come across the Syrian border weeks before Trump moved out of the way.
01:44:25 Nigel Farage looks at Boris Johnson’s new BREXIT deal and finds taxation without representation and labor/environmental regulation without representation.
01:47:52 Planned Parenthood jury finally sees murder for hire video and is moved to tears.
02:01:57 Poland is pushing back on sex education, banning it altogether as it is radicalized by LGBT.
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