525. Liberal MP Nate-Erskine-Smith, Joe Rogan Eats Horsepaste, Fake Names & British Fights Are The Best Fights


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On today's episode we welcome in Liberal MP, Nate Erskine-Smith. James, Dean and Loch hammer Nate regarding Justin Trudeau vilifying vaccinations, funding the CBC and CRTC, the hate he is getting on the road & being down in the polls

Following Nates exit the boys discuss:

Joe Rogan getting COVID 19 and driving 9 supplements into himself with more side effects than the vaccine and his support of horse paste ivermectin

During a school board meeting one of the speakers got 'bart simpsoned" and read 15-20 fake names that included Berry McCockiner, Ben Dover, Hugh-G-Rection and much more..

British fights are the best fights, Dean and the lads play a few videos to support their claim

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