3 Reasons You Should Join the Indigo Invitational for Year 2 (with Bryan Szabo)


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Imagine if you could win prizes worth thousands of dollars just for doing something you surely truly love. I’m talking about fading jeans, of course. Well, in case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, you can! All you need is a pair of fresh raw jeans ready to go and register for the year 2 of Indigo Invitational by October 1 (2020). Co-founder of the year-long fade competition, Bryan Szabo, is the first guest to get a second appearance here on the Denimhunters Podcast. When Bryan was first on the show in episode 2, we talked about his story, how we got into the denim scene, a bit about ballroom dancing, and, most importantly, how he got the idea to start a fade competition and how it all came about. That episode came out just a week after year 1 of the competition had ended. Now we’re only two weeks away for the starting line of year 2, so in this episode, Bryan lays out the rules and presents his most compelling argument for why you should register. Register for the competition here: http://indigoinvitational.com/ Listen to Bryan's first interview here: https://denimhunters.com/bryan-szabo-podcast/

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