The Basics - A cultural revolution


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In a Very Special Bonus Episode...

Not gonna lie, I’m a basic guy

When I get a latte, It’s pumpkin spice

You can try to judge me, I won’t live a lie

Yes I’m a yuppie, I work 9 to 5

Made this song on my Mac Book Pro

Shop on amazon with my new iPhone

Watch NBA on my Apple TV

Wake up every day with an average physique

Face it. I’m basic

I claim it. Embrace it

Haters gonna hate it, they can keep it real

I prefer to fake it and that’s the deal

Used to give a shit, now I don’t give a fuck

If that ain’t legit, then I’m shit out of luck

Got no game and I get no play

Shop at the gap, wear slacks all day

Watch what I say, and I stay in my lane

Don’t want any trouble, I won’t complain

Face it. It’s basic

That’s how I play it

Careful what you say if you wanna stay A-list

Join every cause or they’ll call you a racist

Cancel culture won, this is what replaced it

Why make art, when the world wants hatred

If you talk shit, I’ll change the subject

Avoid conflict cuz I gotta say fuck it

Now I gotta end it, Evan T on blast

Someone got offended, getting shut down fast

Face it. Stay basic

Complacent is safest

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