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Identity can feel like an overwhelming subject to discuss, especially if you don’t feel secure in yours. And there are plenty of things in the world vying for our affections so that even if you have a good understanding of the security that comes with your identity in Christ, there are still distractions like comparison, fear, or worldly desires that stand in the way.

In this solo episode I share the four mistakes we make as it relates to our identity as we pursue a God-shaped dream:

  • Looking to the things of this world upon which to build your identity.
  • Comparing your gifts and talents to the gifts and talents of others.
  • Forgetting that the gifts you have are from God.
  • Forgetting that your gifts are to be used.

You’ll hear how I’ve struggled, especially with comparison, and a biblically based antidote to all of them.

I pray you don’t have to face these difficulties on your own! That’s a huge burden to carry by yourself, so I hope you’ll jump over to the Devoted Dreamers Facebook group and share what this episode brought up for you, how you’re asking God for help with this in the New Year and anything we can be praying about for you as you pursue Him and your dream with all your heart.


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