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Did the year 2020 reveal some hard truths about your life, like it did for me? Did slowing down (because you had to) reveal the true cost of busyness in your life? Or on your family? What did you gain because of the pandemic and living in lock-down? And how do you want to live as a result?

This solo episode is all about the change you can affect when you shift from busy to purposeful in how you live and how you pursue your dreams. None of this is rocket science. But if you are anything like me, these three simple shifts in your thoughts and actions will simplify day-to-day life and make a real difference in how you feel about your responsibilities.

In this solo episode I share three strategies to help you shift from busy to purposeful. You’ll learn:

  • How to get focused on one thing that will move your dream ahead and then how to let go of the rest,
  • What curiosity prompted me to do last year that significantly impacted my decision making, and
  • The snowball effect that resulted from that one little decision (which seems totally obvious to me now but didn’t at the time I made it).

You’ll also hear how these three shifts impacted things at home for me, my kids and my spouse. It has made all the difference to let go of busy and focus on intentionality in my work and home life. I hope you can find ways to implement these strategies for more purposeful action in yours.


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