Awakening your over soul why integrating your higher self is the next step in your ascension journey - Amenti The Awakener


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How to awaken your 5D over soul.

Today I bring you wisdom, knowledge and energy from the beautiful Amenti.

Amenti the Awakener is Master Teacher, 15D avatar soul who uses her own life experiences and skills to help awaken others to their true potential.

Do you want to understand the next stage of your evolution and how you can awaken your over soul.

We dive deep into our chakras, do you understand the levels, their meaning and how to transition from one level to the next?

Listen in to find out how, its all part of our awakening.

Amenti explains why we were always going to ascend; there’s no rush but we are in the bridge zone right now. More and more people are in transition, can you feel it?

Have you ever researched the history of our intergalactic connection with off planet beings?

It’s time to learn how to protect your energy field, during this cocoon (lockdown) period, we explore every lesson and remind ourselves that everything is here to teach you.

And lastly, an ever popular question is answered... how do I get in touch with my higher self?

Are you ready to find out how to awaken your over soul? This is essential knowledge for the ascension process.

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