Ep 31 - Mini - Mark Freeman, author of The Mind Workout, 20 steps to improve your mental health and take charge of your life.


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Does your morning routine looks sound like this: Waking up, Hit the snooze button faster than the speed of light, get back to sleep for another 5 minutes which turns into 20 minutes, realise I’m going to be late, rush to the bathroom and your flat mate or family member is already been there since yesterday, get dressed, rush out the door forgetting you packed lunch, if you even managed to get it down after your suppose I only got to the pub for one drink, unfortunately turned out to be 4 and a few shots, realise that everyone on your way to work is making your life hell by moving you further away from your naive thought that you could still make it on time to work even if this would only be possible if you were the owner of a rocket ship and turn a 40 minutes car journey into mere minutes...? Or does it look like this: Wake up, grab your phone, check facebook or instagram, look for interesting stories to share on my profile, maybe comment right beneath some nasty comment from someone you don’t even know but you are committed show him and the world your wisdom and what you say matters or should and you everyone must like your post? Do you refresh your emails to check if somehow your phone left out an important spam email? Do you find yourself judging the runners on your way to work, telling yourself, well look at this idiots running around like a lab-rat...running is bad for your knees, I will only start running if I’m been chased by zombies in a apocatilic world. Well I have done all the above at some point in my life, and I wasn’t in a great place. Who has experienced those internal voices forever judging every single action you take on a regular basis, those arguments you finally won from 2 to 2 weeks after the actual conversation took place, or the great prepared speech you had prepared to find that on the spot you either forgot most of it but that the other party said something you miss out and like a house of cards you plan which you thought was brilliant has just come down crashing. Mental health is coming out of the closet, it touches everyone at some point of another, it’s totally ok we should not judge each other, this world needs more love and compassion. This book is a great read about mental health, I can totally empathise with Mark story on many accounts, and his book come on my lap although virtually when I needed a book like this to help me understand my head a little better and the behaviors I was undertaking to try to block out bad, sad uncomfortable feeling, and tried for a long period of my life to become a stone and so I would not feel anything. Emotional management again, is something I struggle with for years and this book answered and gave me awesome insights into my journey towards true happiness. I hope you find within this book some of the answers you are looking for, I think you will find some, and as most of us, we can only carry on for our journey to enlightenment, wisdom, happiness and success is a never ending one. Please comment on facebook post below about what you think about the issues Mark speak about in his book: https://www.facebook.com/didershow/ Mark Freeman - The Mind workout: 20 steps to improve your mental health and take charge of your life: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mind-Workout-Twenty-improve-mental-ebook/dp/B01MPWKFS6 Thank you for reading or listing Didier SOULIER Listen on Itunes Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dider-podcast/id1141054508 Listen on Google Play: https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cDovL2RpZGllcnNvdWxpZXJzdWNjZXNzZnVsc3Rvcmllcy5wb2RvbWF0aWMuY29tL3JzczIueG1s Listen on Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/didershow/dider-show?refid=stpr Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DidierjcSoulier Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/didiersoulier/ The Dider Show FACEBOOK Page: https://www.facebook.com/didershow/ Support this Podcast and my music. Become my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/didiersoulier Support this podcast with Paypal: https://paypal.me/didierSoulier Volunteers environmental group I founded in France: https://www.facebook.com/TrashBustersFRANCE/ Subscribe on my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqEIlAdjKh-QT1OooRrA8sg? Subscribe on Radio Channel: https://player.fm/series/the-dider-show Listen to my own music: https://soundcloud.com/didier-soulier-497294456

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