Ep 32 - Mini - Darren Brown - Happy: Why More or Less Everything Is Fine


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Bonjour, what makes us happy, or what we think will make us happy? What does happiness means to us? How much money do you think you need to consider yourself happy? What type of car, what type of life, what type of holiday will give you this everlasting experience of being happy? It looks to me human, down to genetics and evolution are not program to be happy, we need to know where that big lion is so we can avoid it, we need to know where loud noise comes from to be sure we can be ready if something comes as an outside threat. Does success will bring us happiness, but then what success mean to you? A Big house, dream job, dream wife and beautiful kids, sportscar, private plane, is it fame? What if, all these things, which most are materials things when attained robes us from our lives and demand constant energy into the future and our goals to the detriment of living and experiencing the present moment? And Darren talk about positivity and positive thinking, in the mention the big scam that is the Secret book, which I too sadly, felt for a few years ago, thinking that by just thinking of a desire thing I wanted in my life, acting as if I already had it would be sufficient in the attainment of such desire good or lifestyle? As I read How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius by Donald Robertson, one thing reaffirmed my now changed belief that death is ok and not as scary as I thought. Death is part of life and is to me only a new beginning to another universe. We should practice losing the things we hold dear to us, to remind ourselves how grateful we are. We should be grateful for things we already have not and not stress over things we desire. Darren talks about phones, how much they have saved us when lost trying to find a location with a map app to get to someone’s wedding, and not be frustrated for the lack of battery because we forgot to plug it in. Darren mentioned something I read somewhere else. The first light build could actually last a very long time, and the manufacture got scared that people would not come back to buy more, so they made it last less. What I enjoy in the book is the honest truth that Darren shares and I think anyone will take something from it, even a little happiness too. What I would like to offer in guidelines in a bullet point from Darren’s book and my own experience (even a limited one so far) Don’t get upset on what is not within your control, Control your state of mind, the only thing human has full control of, Turn any negative into a positive with every situation, see the silver lining, Train yourself to the loss on what you hold dear so you can be grateful for it, You’ll never regret falling in love. Do so over and over again. Don’t think to get somewhere in life or buy something you desire will bring you fulfillment or happiness, Be grateful for what you have now, Plan for success. Prepare for failure. Become an active member of your society, join a community group, Find what you love doing and do it daily, If you experience an unhappy feeling, know that they will pass, do something like exercise, reading a book, going for a walk, meditate, watch a funny movie, play music, listening to your favorite track… Lasting sexual satisfaction is very hard to attain, trying to shag everything with a heartbeat, compulsive porn watching, or obsessive gambling is not the answer. Think before buying or engaging in an activity, is this going to fulfill my desires, or only temporary? When people insure you, try to understand what good or harm they thought would come of it? Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake or fail, you will learn something, Death is only part of life and is totally normal part of life, When you start your day, be prepared you may accounter plain idiots, rude and angry people, it’s ok don’t let it change the way you are feeling or acting today. To remain tranquil and comfortable would deny you your growth. To remain happy would stop you from flourishing. It’s all going to work out just fine, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Happy-More-Less-Everything-Absolutely/dp/0593076192 Please comment on facebook post below about what you makes you happy? Is it reading, doing sport, watching your kid grown, having great friends, working for your community? https://www.facebook.com/didershow/ A little shot to Dereck Shivers I got to know on The Tim Ferriss, Show, I emailed him and I got a lovely reply below: “So I hope we keep in touch, either way. You sound like a creative ambitious thinker.” I have now signed up for the Dereck Sivers mailing list because I really enjoy this writing, and I invite you to sign up totally for free, plus I only email you once a month, and I really appreciate that. 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