Ep 34 - Part one - The 5 Second rules by Mel Robbins, and The Boys TV series.


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Bonjour me lovelies, How are you doing on the great October 2019 month? Mini Episode today, on one amazing book by Mel Robbins: The 5 second rules. Mel explained why this rules will change your life. I totally get it, Mel explained how the your brain is constantly working against you, when you want to make changes in your life, and become the person you know you what and are capable of being, but your brain wil get in the way because it does not want you to fall short, to fail, to be disappointed in trying something new, and keep you in a safe position. Mel explained something I call the monkey on your shoulder, the fact that we doing things in ife not because of logic, but how we feel about it, and this can be a problem. You will not feel like exercising, most days, you will not want to start on this new project of yours, you will not feel like waking up early and so on. The trick is to stop thinking, and doing. Mel use a 5 second rules, count backwards from 5 to 0, and move, do, start. If you leave enough time, your brain will find excuses as to why you should not do something or act. I love Mel Robbins rule and I’m going to use it now, I have been using something similar, but more brutal. When I know I need to wake up, get going, do my exercise, meditated or start writing or working on a project, I would hear myself saying, oh not today, I don’t feel like, can we do it another day? I simply say, fuck off and get over it, now get going, and I feel awesome within minutes. This works most days, but I gotta be honest old habits creep back so this now tool the 5 second rules is going to be a very good allie. The other thing I love about this book, is that I learned something I kind of knew without knowing, is that there is a good form of procrastination. Yep that’s right, sometimes you brain needs a little break from a project, to get more perspective. I told you before you subconscious is the boss here and if you leave it a little time, it will bring some answers to your prays and frustrations. No don’t get me wrong, this does not mean you can just relax and let your subconscious do all the work, and hope that magically everything will come to you, you lazy git. No you know deep down when you are opting towards distraction rather than do the work you know you have to do. Or by the way, I said it before but for crying out loud, Mel also tells you to get rid of distractions, like pops when you get an email, facebook, messages. Take it all off, this is stopping you doing what you should be doing, set a time in the day to check your emails, your facebook or instagram profiles. Please do it, try it. You will be amaze first how much more you get down, but also how much more relaxed you feel. Just get the book, it’s another life changing book, I know I use that term for pretty much every book I review here, but there are in their own rights. Read or listen to them and you will see, and leave me a comment on the social, of course when you have time managed that, so not right now when you decide to do so, not when you phone beeps. Check Mel Robbins book below: https://www.amazon.com/Second-Rule-Transform-Confidence-Everyday/dp/1682612384 Now on another lighter note, have you seen the Boys on amazon, boy oh boy. I love this Tv series, it was suggested by Matt Huntley last week, if you been listening that is.. And another great pal of mine in Birmingham UK. It’s so good, the plot is super heroes turn dark. You have this super man kind of guys, who is leading the team of 7 superheroes that do good for the planet but get it totally wrong at times and a big corporation clean up the mess and silence pretty much anyone who stands in their way. It’s really, really good and you won’t regret it, for those of you that enjoyed many moons back the series heroes with the crazy guy mad about clocks and taking powers from the brain of superheroes you in for a treat. Here is the link below: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1190634/ Thank you for listening or reading, and please subscribe to your favorite platform or why not leave a rating on Itunes, please, that would help me with the show ratings, I would deeply appreciated. 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