Ep 6 - Black mirror, Emotional intelligence, and heroes of Chernobyl.


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Black mirror creator Charlie Brooker is a genius. Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman, and heroes of Chernobyl. I recommend highly this book Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman. For too long I used to feel bad about myself because I failed to recognize my own sabotage and judging myself too hard. For example : I play piano every day in the train station on the provided piano and I can get at times 20 people per week thanking me how good I play or how much pleasure they get from it, but once one guy came behind me asking what I was playing which I reply my own songs to get his reply: you and for 2 weeks this is all I was thinking about. This is madness and I don’t nor deserve this stress open myself. Be aware of what you tell yourself on a daily basis is mindfulness and I do now watch myself when I do over criticism myself :-). If you suffer from this please do yourself a favor and read the book. The other thing is how rude some people are, especially on social media. When you hear about celebrities going to rehab, we far too quick to judge: oh well that serve him right, he be ok he’s loaded, but they all human like any of us, and sometimes, me more the most, we fuck up, we make mistake, should be judged on that basis only and forgot about all the good work we have achieved before, who the fuck can be radius enough to judge others? Nobody is perfect period, and I would even go and most of those haters, hiding behind the computers of the phone would be sorry if we, in turn, look at their fucked up life. So go fuck yourself the YouTubers thumbs down (Nobody forced you to watch that video, so go do something else) the racist commentator, the one who makes shit up to prove their stupid point, all those cunts...go find a pond and drown yourselves. This world needs love and compassion, not your hate and ass tower point of view. I fucking love black mirror by Charlie Brooker. What I genius I used to love his Newswipe show on BBC, he used to make laugh so much I think I pissed myself once. Black mirror is an among the best series there is today on Netflix. His bander snatch where you get to choose what happens next is mind-blowing, I loved it so much I made my own mum watch it, and she loved it, thank you, Charlie, for making it on French too. Breaking bad used to be the best show, not anymore, well it’s not comparable really, just like the Wire series is not comparable to a tree. Or narco another great show. This week I watched the HBO mini-series Chernobyl and I loved it, I wasn’t aware of all the people that sacrifice and gave their lives to help stop more radioactive materials been exposed to the population without asking for getting anything or very little in return from their government. I have so much respect for the human been involved with the cleanup operation and all the those who help to get the truth out even if they knew they would be either kill or discarded by the owns. Watch it please you won’t regred it. Thank you for listening. Didier Support this podcast: Paypal: https://paypal.me/didierSoulier Become my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/didiersoulier

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