Ep 7 - Why I hate my Iphone, Facebook Video Ads and some people...


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Piss off Iphone, and Facebook, young people need to be taught that there is life without a phone. I hate Iphone with passion, I mean Steve Jobs used to stand for something great, an idea that the world could be better, not the over priced piece of shit of a phone they call iPhone these days, and charge you $1000 when it cost probably $100 to made by little children in a far away country that I can most likely not even spell nor pronounce correctly. By the way iPhone and rest of shitty phone out there are not even phone, try to call someone and the battery will run out before you get to finish your first sentence. I mean fuck off Tim Cooks and your Share Older cunts, you all should be shot in the name of Steve for taking a shit all over his company. You bunch of cunts, Appel used to stand for an idea of greatness, a purpose to do thing differently, to be creative, to stand alone, push the boundaries to innovate, to make a difference. When was the last time you cunts have actually had a real idea other than: let’s see how much more money we can suck out from the poor bastards are there? I’m a hypocrite, I still have an iPhone, But not for long you fuckers, I fell in love for what mac used to be, I still own my iMac, and Macbook pro which I adore, I will never use a PC, only if I decide to cut my balls off. I’m angry at Apple iPhone lack of innovation, the head phone is the most stupid thing I ever have seen, I actually found someone day in a park and gave it away to a friend daughter, why because I’ll be dead before you see me wearing that stupid thing, I mean I like to meet whoever thought that was a good idea, I’m certain Steve Jobs himself would slap the shit out the guy that invented this stupid and useless thing. Shame on you appel, you lost your cool for me, you going down the pan and I won’t be sorry to see you die if you carry one come up with crap. Of course, you won’t because you are very good at selling a turd, you actually manage to take a piece of shit, put glitter on it and sell it as the best thing there is today. Fuck you. But it’s also you, the people that buying the newest Iphone like you live depends on it, you fucking retards, why do you feel the need to get a new phone every year you morrons? You make me sick, all of you. Facebook, or shit show as I prefer to call it, fuck you too Mark Zuckerberg, who the fuck you think you are putting advertazment in the middle of videos on you platform, unlike youtube where you can skip a stupid advertment after only a few seconds, you twat when the extra miles into thinking why force feed me your rubbish ads just because you can. Fuck you, you’re trully cunt. I ate you more than my ate for sweaty ass cheeks. You and your shit show have responsibility as a human to sensibilise the young generation and help them to understand there is life without likes and comment because I share what people have had for breakfast, I mean you morrons out there, get a fucking life. Nobody cares about what you had today, or yesterday for lunch. Nobody cares about your meanless life. And yes Mr Zuckerberg could take out your fingers out of your ass and be accountable when your platform helped some cunts in America elect what is esentially the worst hair implant ever designed in the while wide world as president, or more of a joke of president, a guy whom did NOT start from nothing, his own dad put him where he is, I mean the guy failed pretty much everything he puts his dirty sexist useless hands on. Please Mr. Zuckerberg, can you help this generation and not get them attached to their phone please? There is beauty, wonderful things all around us, and you don’t need to have your head down your lap checking your phone every time it beeps. I would like to thank you as there is a mean to cap the amount of time you spend on your platform, but could you maybe make it more obvious to them, warm them that maybe 4 hours per day is like an addiction, just maybe you Sir could help come up with something that will help to make the new generation and those to come after, to be better human beings, not the nobhead I see every day in a cafe, bar, bus, totally immersed on their phone. Please, I implore you, Please Mr. Zuckerberg do something about this sickness that is growing every day. I use Facebook for my group of volunteer, so yes I’m a hypocrite in a way. Facebook is great as a tool to find old friends and share some cool shit, and for other things such as checking out a cheek you just met, I’m just sad to see the young people wasting all their time on it or on other platforms. But it also you poeple again, for fuck sake try to spend a day without your phone, try to look while walking where you’re going before you end up walking into a lamppost or into a pond, try to understand, Facebook is not real, it’s in the air, it’s all just a shit show for haters to voice their stupid and irrelevant comments, get out, exercise, go hicking, get your pals for a game of football in the park, talk to the person next to you on the bus, look at the clouds and see the various shape of animals, call a old friend, play your instrument, try something new, read a book, then maybe we will see the beauty in every moment of our lifes, not defined by how many likes we get, I implore you we all need to take a good look at ourselves and decide where we are going. People I tell you again, watch the HBO mini series Chernobyl, and listen to the podcast with Craig Mazin writer and producer of the show, it’s already been rated top series ever, so get your fingers out of your ass and go watch it now. Thank you for listening, and have fun out there. Didier Support this podcast if you can, it’s totally ok if you can’t you tight bastard :-) I’m messing with you. Paypal: https://paypal.me/didierSoulier Become my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/didiersoulier

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