Ep2 Addictions, past failures set you on your path to success, whatever this is for you.


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podcast Episode Number 2: Recap on the first episode. Porn addiction, coke addiction, pot, Viagra…. The hell and cage I created for myself. Importance to talk and seek help. See show note on 1st Episode which is worth checking out plus the book I recommend. Been Successful? What does it mean to you? Been a good dad, a good person, a good friend, spend time with loves ones and family is been successful. Money? Of course, I feel happier when I have money in my bank compare to when I was totally broke. But Money won’t get you happiness, if you are not happy with yourself now, having money won’t help you. Fact, some millionaires are miserable, and someone in a poor country has a smile on their face all day long. Now morning routine, why I exercise and do something for your community. Some books I read about personal improvement: The secret, (a lot of shit) Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill (good but not enough to think about what you want) If you want to be successful, read about successful people and follow what they do, not the assholes on a video you saw on facebook. Have a great week, Love Autobiography and books I recommend Richard Branson and losing my virginity, Happy by Darren Brown, I can’t make this up by Kevin Hart and Neil Strauss (the game), This is going to Hurt by Adam Kay (recommended by Steven Fry), Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Books I recommend for sex or porn addiction Out of shadows, Patrick Carnes. Recovery to live by Christopher Kennedy Lawford. Breaking the cycle, George Collins MA, and Andrew Adleman MA. Always turned on by Robert Weiss and Jennifer p. Shneider. Recovery, freedom from our addictions by Russell Brand. Atomic habits by Alain Carr. Rewire your anxious brain by Catherine M.Pittman Phd, Elizabeth M Karle.

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