Antibody, Ep 3: Combat


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Antibody is a narrative series about how Covid-19 has changed everything and nothing at all.

In this episode:

All Cops Are Idiots (featuring Kafui Attoh, you can buy his book here:

A Few Basic Demands (produced by Chenjerai Kumanyika (

After the Peak (by Karim Sariahmed (, along with Alex Azan, Belicia Ding, Nijmie Zakkiyyah Dzurinko , Vanessa K. Ferrel, Michelle Gonzalez, Musaub Khan, and Marc Shi)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Mutual Aid (produced by Jackson Roach and Caroline Kanner (

Get in touch with DCH1 Amazonians United (

Support Put People First! Pennsylvania (

The mutual aid groups featured in this episode include: Ground Game LA ( K Town For All ( The Red Nation ( Brave Space Alliance ( and the Indigenous Kinship Collective (

Further reading on mutual aid:

Regan De Loggans’ mutual aid zine (

The complete text of Kropotkin’s book Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution (

Mutual Aid Hub (

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