#075: Corralling the Cross-Device Visitor


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It's a challenge as old as the smartphone (or...technically... a little bit older): we want to track and know people, but, when they're visiting us from their phone, their tablet, their work laptop, and their home desktop, we often really just know cookies and device IDs! Countless vendors tout their enabling technology...but then admit that, yes, you do have to get your customers to authenticate on all devices to provide a common key, which isn't always easy (or even remotely reasonable). Unless you're up for diving into the deep and murky waters of probabilistic linking. On this episode, Tablet Tim -- the only one of the co-hosts who is an avid tablet user -- argues that the whole topic should be pretty "meh" for many companies, while Mobile Moe smacks him down and shares her experiences (the challenges...and the wins that made them worth it!) with linking users across mobile apps, a mobile site, and a desktop site.

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