#095: The Rise of BI with Taylor Udell


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Business Intelligence. It’s a term that’s been around for a few decades, but that is every bit as difficult to nail down as “data science,” “big data,” or a jellyfish. Think too hard about it, and you might actually find yourself struggling to define “analytics!” With the latest generation of BI tools, though, it’s a topic that is making the rounds at cocktail parties the world over! (Cocktail parties just aren’t what they used to be.) On this episode, the crew snags Taylor Udell from Heap to join in a discussion on the subject, and Moe (unsuccessfully) attempts to end the episode after six minutes. Possibly because neither Tableau nor Superset can definitively prove where avocado toast originated (but Wikipedia backs her up). But we all know Tim can’t be shut up that quickly, right?!

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