Viki Zarkin, I Am The One! Story of a Stage 4 Cancer Survivor


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Viki Zarkin is the only person alive with an aggressive form of Stage 4 metastatic cancer for over 11 years.
She was diagnosed in her 40’s when her doctor first told her to go home and get her affairs in order. At the time, she had two small children at home and was running her husband's dental practice.
Viki spent the next several years fighting for her life, advocating for herself and navigating through the healthcare world, and following her gut.
Now, Viki is a beacon of hope as a national motivational speaker, coach, and author of I Am the One.
She inspires women to change the way they have been programmed to think and emphasizes the importance of starting with young women on how to believe in themselves, challenge the status quo, find their voices, and listen to their hearts.
Viki’s can-do attitude inspires people to think differently in their everyday lives; by applying her unique thought process, deals can be made in a boardroom just as easily as they can help people through their cancer battle.
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