#48 | Courage or Cringe? (Feat. Joe Collins)


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We’re joined by Congressional hopeful, Republican maverick and Maxine Waters nemesis, Joe Collins; and we’ll look at BLM’s take on the Cuba Crisis, the NFL’s controversial new covid rules and DC drama with the January 6 Committee.

  • Is BLM using the Cuba crisis to push its own ideological agenda at a terrible time OR are defenders of the US quick to blame but slow to take responsibility for our country’s contribution to the crisis?
  • Is the NFL protecting the game by creating the safest environment for its athletes OR are they violating the rights of their players with a default vaccine mandate that overtly punishes those who refuse to comply?
  • And finally, Are Republicans rightfully pulling out of a partisan commission looking to score political points OR is GOP leadership unwilling to face the ugly truth that the previous head of their party created the situation they now find themselves in?

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Courage or Cringe: Black Lives Matter faces backlash for statement on Cuba protest.


Courage or Cringe: New NFL policy around Covid-19.



Courage or Cringe: McCarthy pulls his 5 GOP members from 1/6 committee after Pelosi rejects 2 of his picks


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