#49 | Does Winning No Longer Matter?


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In our Deep Dive: Simone Biles has dominated gymnastics in recent history, winning 4 Olympic gold medals and 19 world championships. She hasn’t lost a major competition since 2013. But she’s been marred in controversy this Olympics due to her decision to withdraw from the games. We’ll have a look at the various players in that decision and what it means for her legacy and for Olympic competition in general.

And in Courage or Cringe: Ben & Jerry’s Blacklisted, Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney and Spotify Claims Editorial Neutrality

  • Do States have a right to regulate their purchases to protect the interests of an American ally, OR are they overreaching when they penalize companies for issues on the global stage?
  • Is an A List lawsuit against a major media company evidence of elitist sour grapes for not making millions MORE on already fat contract, OR is it an example of a corporation using covid as an excuse to breach a contract to help increase their share price?
  • And finally, is a leading audio platform’s leadership taking a bold step in solidifying free speech on its platform OR is the CEO passing-on the responsibility to navigate between fact and fiction to its consumers?

All. This. This week on TDR.

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