Doctor Who - Ep241: We're back with news, merch and anti-matter Omega


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Hey, Who fans!

It is sooo good to be back and chatting Doctor Who. Let's get into it...

The News

Chris Eccleston seems to be embracing fandom recently and another example of that is the announcement that he'll be attending the Gallifrey One convention next February. Nice one Chris.

Merch Corner

Fan of Martha Jones? If so then you'll be pleased to know Freema Agyeman is returning to the world of Doctor Who to star alongside Eve Myles in Big Finish's "Torchwood: Dissected" which is out in February 2020 and if you're in need of a new laptop bag, Lovarzi has you covered with their new TARDIS themed offering.

Review story this week: Arc of Infinity

Back to Gallifrey, the Time Lord High Council, traitors, Omega, posh British accents and Peter Davison doubling as the bad guy. How do we feel about this often snubbed story?

Thank you all so much for coming back and listening. Our review story next week will be Torchwood: Combat. Until then have a great week and remember - Allons-y!

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