Torchwood - Ep242: Scarves, NYCC Exclusives and Torchwood Fight Club


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Hey, Who fans!

The News

Still very quiet for news, nothing of note to report on.

Merch Corner

Lovarzi's new 13th Doctor scarf will be landing on their site from 11th October and if you sign up to their DW Fan Club you'll get 15% off too. We also mention the two Doctor Who NYCC Exclusives from Titan.

Review story this week is Torchwood: Combat

Written by Noel Clarke, this story throws Owen into an undercover role which reveals a violent underworld involving Weevles and Gwen tumbles deeper down the path of regret. All deep dark stuff but does it serve up that TW grit?

Thank you all so much for listening this week. Our review story next week will be the 11th Doctor two-parter: The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood. Until then have a great week and remember - Allons-y!

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