Minimizing Post-Surgical Scarring...on Episode 09, Season 03 of Dr. Jeffrey Roth’s Looking Good Feeling Great Podcast


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Hi Again and welcome back for episode 09 of our new season 3.

Haven’t you always wished to gain a greater understanding of the mysterious and complicated field of plastic procedures? Finally, now you can. Get connected and learn! Tune in and bookmark the “Dr. Jeffrey Roth's Looking Good Feeling Great Podcast” with his co-host, Darrell Craig Harris.

For a start, you will be in no doubt about the love, passion, dedication, and empathy that Dr. Roth has for his patients and community. Plus, he always seems to add in a wonderful witty comment when you least expect it!

(PS: for Dr. Jeffrey Roth’s background, Bio, and reason for doing this show check out episode 01 of Season 1)

Here’s a taster for our new episode 09 - season 3.

In this new episode 09, firstly a Big Shout Out to all of you around the world for continuing to listen in. That interest and support has helped our podcast achieve this recent milestone of 100K + downloads. PS: Now hitting @ 165+K :)

Minimizing post-surgical scarring is achieved by doing it the right-way. Dr Roth says “You want to cut on tension and sew back up on non-tension.” Especially when sewing, you take as much tension off the wound as possible. Often in layers to achieve a very good construct, with little or no tension on the outer layer, known as the Epithelium. In plastic surgery this is a key factor to lay the groundwork for a healthy recovery, and provided the patient also fully participates in the healing process...then you are getting the results of your investment in looking good, and feeling great!

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This is just for starters, listen in and hear a lot more fascinating information, we hope you enjoy this fun/fact-filled episode.

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Wow, and there's a lot more to hear... As this episode and future episodes progress you'll find YOU become more aware and gain a deeper appreciation of the complex world of plastic procedures - essentially a mix of the human body and mind engineering, coupled with great artistry and foresight. Plus, let's not forget ALL the special and helpful products and procedures. This is an industry that truly focuses on helping YOU Look Good and Feel Great...

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