EP 113 - 60 Years to Extinction: Glyphosate, Our Depleted Soil & Crashing Planet... ...


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ep-113-60-years-to-extinction-glyphosate-our-depleted-soil-crashing-planet-implications-opportunities-for-our-children-s-healthDr. Zach Bush explains why we need to start making big changes now so the future of our humanity on Earth is preserved.Zach Bush, MD, has a robust history in medicine and research.
His focus over the past decade has been in nutrition and he and his team have been studying glyphosate and many other dietary, chemical, and pharmaceutical toxins that disrupt our body's natural defense systems. He has also dedicated research to the negative effects of depleted soils, which also impact human health via the plants we eat--even if they have been deemed "healthy."
Dr. Bush joins Dr. Taz to explain the evolution of these toxins, starting with the invention of the plow, moving on to the use of chemicals in soil management after the Great Depression, and eventually the introduction of Monsanto's glyphosate to the farming process.
He also discusses why we need to start making changes now--and what those changes are--so the future of our humanity on Earth is preserved, as well as how his product line RESTORE is making significant differences in people's lives.

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