Strong Lives: The Secret to Fulfillment, Dr. Trevicia Williams and Joyce Averils


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Dr. Trevicia Williams has a conversation with Her Rich Life Coach, Joyce Averils about her life changing decision to walk away from a 6-figure income to discover and do what she was born to do. Her childhood dream of becoming an attorney came true and for 14 years she was a trial judge. She was living the life she dreamed of, but, the time came when her dream career became a heavy burden. She lost her fire and joy, but as most high-achieving women do, she kept pushing forward - which led to burnout and health problems. She had an epiphany moment and realized she had to leave her childhood dream and dram career behind if she wanted to live the life she believes God has for her. Learn more about Joyce Averils at: Connect with her on Facebook at: To your RICH life! Joyce M. Averils The RICH Life Coach & Reinvention Mentor 404-290-0028

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