Exceptional Women of the World: Lynn Power


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Chaos fills the air in the advertising business. But, for Lynn Power, CEO of J. Walter Thompson New York, that’s not an issue. While some see chaos as something that get people and industries shaking in their collective boots, Power likes change and sees it as an opportunity for invention and innovation — and that’s what excites her most about the current landscape in advertising. Considered unflappable, Power never fears making decisions. In fact, she believes that making no decision is worse than making a bad decision as the latter allows for course correction and opportunity to grow. Additionally, making some bets along the way are also an opportunity to learn, even if they don’t necessarily come out as planned. Highly accessible, open and honest, Power values being around people that she trusts and respects — and believes that the best work comes from the collective effort of those who simply want to focus on the work and not politics. Not short of wisdom, one key aspect of work that Power is especially tuned to is that of the “the hero” — the people who choose not to decompress or take time for their well-being both physically and mentally. More advice that she gives is to not fear going outside of ones comfort zone and to become a good listener — and enjoy the associated silence in those moments. Well-attuned and self-aware to the current state of affairs, another, and likely most important piece of insight Power believes in is for the industry to be on offense. In the chaos, she espouses the notion of not retreating or being defensive, but rather being proud of what advertising, and agencies, stand for and to continue to impart its talent at a most critical moment in its continuum.

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