The DT Podcast : Episode 22


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0:00 - Introductions

6:24 - What was Trihex most excited about from E3?

12:49 - Gamer girl bath water

20:23 - Moving from Twitch to Chaturbate and vice versa

34:10 - Streaming causing IRL friends to drift apart

37:05 - Was there a time being a public figure has affected the way your friends interact with you?

41:25 - Taking a break from social media

50:33 - Reacting to Cr1TiKaL's "Why Can't Games Just Be Fun"

1:17:58 - Why is the box office flopping?

1:20:45 - Over-reliance on property recognition in video games

1:27:55 - Balancing streaming with travelling

1:30:55 - Destiny-Hasan Drama

2:11:36 - What has weirded out Destiny the most during his trip?

2:12:30 - European vs American drivers

2:23:49 - - which situation naturally happens at intersections?

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