Episode 163 - Have I Ever Told You? (ft. Shani Mahiri King)


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Shani Mahiri King is a law professor at the University of Florida, where he is director of the Center on Children and Families and an Associate Director of the Center on Race and Race Relations. King received a B.A. from Brown University, a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and a Mst. in International Human Rights Law from Oxford University, and he is an active writer and scholar in the area of children’s rights and family law. King is the father of a nine-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son, for whom he wrote this book, as well as the picture book Have I Ever Told You? (2019).

About the Book:

Shani King on Why He Wrote This Book: “I wrote this book for my children and for all children who need an inspirational voice grounded in their own history. Think of any field of endeavor and Black innovators have made vital contributions. The Black women and men introduced in this book are but a small handful of those innovators. They were all kids once. They all overcame obstacles because they all believed in themselves. My goal is for all kids to see themselves in these pages. And, I hope this book contributes to the understanding that all kids, and all people, are central to the American narrative and the human experience.”

Shani came on the podcast to discuss why representation matters, why he wrote his latest book "Have I Ever Told You Black Lives Matter?", and what Black History Month means to him. It's a fantastic conversation I hope you'll enjoy it. And be sure to go pick up a copy of his book today!

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