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This week Clair Carter-Ginn of Forecast Agency joins Daniel to discuss the post-pandemic era of e-commerce content, what that means for casting, and the efforts to expand representation that will shape content in the future.

Key Takeaways

  • Some trends in casting we saw pre-pandemic, have accelerated now that studios are beginning to open up again.
  • Content planning will be a huge benefit, with so many micro-channels of marketing all with specific content needs.
  • Talent usage is as important as ever with so many diverse channels for content. Buy more usage than you think you may need.
  • Influencer marketing and using relatable talent to share more than just product assets will continue to be a strategy, but bringing back more art director control as in person shoots start up.
  • Diversity continues to be an important effort in casting, even with complicated sample availability. More and more brands are following the lead of other industries and making budgets to include more diverse talent.

Links & Resources

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DE&I - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Usage - Modeling contracts usually have stipulations about how and where an image with the model can be used. Print and Ad Campaigns sometimes costs more than digital or social. This is negotiated up front as "usage"

Influencer Marketing - Using an individual with social media clout and/or large followings to represent a brand, not only in images but usually inclusive of their personality as well.

Law & Order - A long running fictional television series depicting the criminal justice system in NYC, known for its specific format, style, and easily recognizable intro and bumper sound effects

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