Growing Up With Our Customers, Part Two with Thomas Kragelund and Tejs Rasmussen


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In this bonus episode, we have part two of Daniel's conversation with Thomas Kragelund and Tejs Rasmussen. In part two we get deeper into Creative Force, and what Thomas and Tejs are most excited about for the future of the company.

Key Takeaways

  • In order to tackle simplifying the complexity of creative production, you have to root cause many of the problems. Its no use to build a better spreadsheet, if it isn't solving the problem deeper below.
  • Building Creative Force, started with capture. You have to have images. You can deduct a lot of things from that step. You can work in both directions.
  • Some of the biggest issues that created problems in creative production stem from the capture step. Misnamed images, mishandled files, status updates, all occur at the capture step.
  • Removing the possibilities of mistakes, while giving room for flexibility, became the core mission of Creative Force.
  • Thomas is most looking forward to solving more and more of our customers problems in creative production.
  • Tejs is most looking forward to supporting video, copywriting, and editorial (coming later this year!)

Links & Resources

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