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This week Daniel is joined by Todd Schweikert, VP of Studio Production for Rue Gilt Groupe to discuss metrics and how to use them to support your team in day-to-day operations. Granular category level data in production can help you plan more accurately, but give you the ability to load balance when bottlenecks arise.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding what comes through your studio and how long it takes is invaluable data to run.
  • Touch bases that rely on this data help keep teams on the same page and prevent silos from developing.
  • Many of the ways the studio uses data come from the bottom up, ensuring that studio teams understand the information and how it impacts the operation of the studio.
  • It's not enough to understand the data, but also what goes into it and how it's collected. Context is vital.
  • Remember that your perspective is limited, and you need to include other perspectives to ensure across-the-board accountability.
  • Performance metrics are a reflection of employee satisfaction.

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