Mission Sustainability Pt. 1: Studio Production for Re-Commerce with Lindsey di Ruscio of Trove


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For part one of this conversation with Lindsey di Ruscio of Trove, we talk about Trove's mission of keeping goods out of landfills and how that impacts creative production in for re-commerce. Stay tuned for part two, where we touch on what the studio does day to day to support the mission of sustainability.

Key Takeaways

  • Trove views re-commerce as another sales channel that brands can own. Trove allows them to take control of the lifecycle of their products by receiving returns and trade ins, cleaning and repairing, and then enabling the resale channel.
  • Condition grading adds a new dimension to sample management for creative production. It's not enough to have a photo of a sample, Trove needs to have images that accurately reflect the condition of a specific item.
  • Trove not only accepts returns and trade-ins, but unsellable returns go into a robust recycling program, to avoid sending items to a landfill.
  • Post-production for Trove needs to accurately depict condition. Where traditional retouching strives to make an item look perfect (removing dust, reflections, styling issues, etc). Trove needs customers to see the flaws clearly.
  • Trove has learned a bit about who buys used and what they like to see, and has adjusted creative direction accordingly.
  • Re-using images when possible is another way that Trove works to minimize energy use. If they don't have to reshoot something, that saves the time and energy of the process.
  • Across all of Troves partners, they estimate that they've saved over 1 million kg of C02.

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