Mission Sustainability Pt. 2: Building a More Sustainable Studio with Lindsey di Ruscio of Trove


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In part two of Daniel's conversation with Lindsey, we shift topics to sustainability in the studio. What is Trove doing day to day in the studio to support the overall company mission of sustainability and what can we look forward to in the future as new technologies allow us to make better decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • Lindsey and the studio team at Trove takes sustainability into account when making decisions for the studio. Things that shorten working time, and ideally are purchased second hand, are big wins for sustainability in the studio.
  • The studio team tries to use every inch of a consumable before re-purposing to another use. Once foamcore are completely used up for styling, they become fill cards or V-flats, or are even used by the samples team to reinforce sample shelves.
  • Even with re-use at front of mind, things have to get thrown out eventually. Trove is looking to sustainable production processes for consumable, like foamcore derived from mushrooms, etc.
  • Reducing the lifecycle of items in the studio is another key sustainability effort. Get things in and out quick, so that it's not using resources of the studio.

Links & Resources

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