Photo Studio Ops Forum 2021 - A Recap


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In this episode Daniel discusses some take-aways and ideas following the Henry Stewart Photo Studio Ops Forum event that took place on October 5, 2021.

Key Takeaways

  • Put more focus on hiring the right team, then focus on retention.
  • The idea that creative full time roles only stick around for 1-2 years doesn't HAVE to be reality, find ways to keep your team onboard.
  • Employee turnover is waste, and training to backfill doesn't add value
  • When it comes to process and workflow, our physical space has an impact. Use something like a spaghetti map to review this.
  • Unnecessary movements are also waste, and physical studio layouts should also employ lean ideas to improve workflow.
  • We need to institutionalize our learnings from COVID. Business interruptions will happen again, whether its another pandemic or increasingly adverse weather due to climate change.

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Henry Stewart on the web - Many upcoming events, both virtual and live

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