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Colleen Devanie of REI joins Daniel to talk about agility and adaptability when complex processes are made even more difficult by business interruptions. We learn how to essential data is to make sure your process is agile and adaptable. As Colleen put it, you cannot be agile with guesses.

Key Takeaways

  • "If you're doing it right, your content supports the business in more than one channel"
  • Data is the key to understanding efficiency of your process, when you have multiple inputs that cross each other and supply multiple outputs.
  • Building a style guide that allows for flexibility is a key way to build agility into the process.
  • Having a team that is passionate about the product can help support agility in imaging, creating images that the customer needs to see, even if they aren't called out in the style guide.
  • Sometimes we think of agility as synonymous with cost savings, but sometimes its means creating the ability do the work that adds value to your customers.
  • Having options, like dial knobs, that allow you to maintain your content needs while shifting responsibility to vendors or changing standards based on the business needs, is key to overcoming dramatic business disruptions.
  • Being agile means having a process that your team can follow, but allows you to pivot when the business needs change.
  • You can't be agile with guesses, you need data to make sure the levers you're pulling are working.

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