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Danny Rickard of Cella pulls from his experience in video production to discuss video strategy with Chief Moneybags of Brand X. In past episode of this podcast we've discussed standing up video, and the need to have a plan behind it. In this episode Danny helps us understand that strategy doesn't have to be scary, and can leave room for flexibility and experimentation.

Key Takeaways

  • You can think of your video strategy as a tool for not getting lost. It doesn't have to be a map, but a way to get back from a dead end
  • Don't be afraid of testing and iterating. Build in a way to learn from the work you're doing
  • Identify your audiences, then identify what you want to show them
  • Use your strategy to understand who to hire and when. Not only full time team members, but working with agencies or freelance teams as well
  • Honesty about this type of strategy can help ensure you're hiring the right team members

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