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Joining Daniel for this episode is Shanna Ferris, video production specialist and new member of the Creative Force team. We touch on some best practices for developing video content, engaging your teams across workflows, and how to create a unified presentation between stills and video.

Key Takeaways

  • If you're trying to introduce video, take the time to strategize. Define your goals and expected outcomes, avoid treating video like just another strategy.
  • Providing value with video can mean something different depending on where the video is used.
  • An added dimension to video content is accessibility, and should be considered as part of your strategy.
  • For video content that is cohesive to other visual content, reducing silos in your org is absolutely key.
  • Video content production really necessitates more transparency in your teams to improve communication and add value to the customer.
  • Consolidated asset review can make your content more cohesive, and provide opportunity for cross-functional relationships.
  • Video production is more accessible to studios than ever, because technology, including hardware, has made it very simple and inexpensive to product high quality content.
  • Data and reporting are vital to understanding if your strategy is working, and learning how to increase velocity in your production.
  • Pilot, test, and iterate, whenever possible.

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