10: Nutrition and Running - A Toddler's Perspective


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Hey guys! Welcome to Episode 10 of the Eat for Endurance Podcast.
In honor of just having had a baby, I thought it would be fun to post this VERY short interview with my two year old daughter, Arielle. She always has lots to say about food and running, which isn't a big surprise given her runner parents and nutritionist mother (that said, she clearly does not understand what I do for work...listen for more on that one!). We did this mostly to test out my new podcasting equipment, but it ended up being too cute not to share! You'll find a couple descriptions in there of some things I like to make (muffins, smoothies etc) that the whole family enjoys, as a bonus.
On a totally separate parenting note, it's really nuts how quickly language can develop in a two year old! We recorded back in early July, when she was quite verbal but speaking more in short sentences, and she's now having full, complex conversations, singing long songs, etc. Watching a child grow truly is amazing!
Back to regular athlete nutrition programming next time, I promise. Lots of exciting guests in the pipeline so stay tuned!

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