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Listen in and get a feel for The Voctech Podcast, a new show from the makers of The Edtech Podcast, supported by Ufi Charitable Trust & Ufi Ventures.

This new series explores the intersection of adult learning and tech, including, careers and HR tech, the skills gap and training, diverse workforces and new modes of working, and the foundations for up-skilling and re-skilling.

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The existing Edtech Podcast show will continue alongside, covering β€œed” and β€œtech” from early years, K-12, to Higher Ed and beyond.

In this trailer;

  • Sky News Clip interviewing Chief Executive of UK tech firm Sage
  • CBS This Morning Clip on Virtual Reality Training
  • WEF Press Conference Clip: 1 Million Workers Targeted in Tech Re-skilling Drive feat. Bill McDermott, Chief Executive Officer, SAP, Germany.
  • Clip from NEW BUILDERS, a Ministry of Information Film made by Paul Rotha Productions 1944, for the Building Apprenticeship and Training Council via Periscope Films
  • A-Level Results Day 2018 - ITV News Clip with Sophie Adelman of WhiteHat Apprenticeships
  • BBC News Clip feat. Theresa May Q&A at Augar Review launch
  • Rajeeb Dey MBE - Founder & CEO - Learnerbly
  • Dr Becky Sage, CEO, Interactive Scientific
  • Steve Wheeler is a Learning Innovations Consultant and former Associate Professor of Learning Technologies at Plymouth University
  • Chloe Holmes is the Learning and Progress Manager at WhiteHat
  • Stefan Cecchini, Head of Projects at the National College for Nuclear in the UK

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