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What's in this episode?

Hi everyone and welcome to The Edtech Podcast. Our mission is to improve the dialogue between “ed” and “tech” and this week’s no different as we delve into some listener feedback on the edtech strategy published last week by the department for education in the UK. We’ve got to know some of the edtech strategies and approaches by different Governments around the world so it is interesting to reflect on developments closer to home, namely,

  • Around reducing teacher workload
  • Boosting training for teachers with bitesize CPD
  • Improving access for children with SEND
  • Tackling plagiarism by technology with technology

Here at The Edtech Podcast we were encouraged to see that these are some of the subjects that we’ve covered in episodes across the past three years, but what is the wider education and edtech sector thinking about these developments? We asked and you delivered! Here’s a selection of your thoughts in this our special episode, with thanks to everyone who contributed. We also include a cut-away to a listener’s experience of a recent 10 Downing St. hosted workshop on how government can better support the development of edtech businesses. Full references in our show-notes. Enjoy!


  • Sophie Bailey is the Founder and Presenter of The Edtech Podcast | Twitter: @podcastedtech
  • Cat Scutt, Director of Education and Research, Chartered College of Teachers @CatScutt
  • Caroline Wright, Director General, British Educational Suppliers Association, @CJPWright
  • Christian Turton, Co-Director, London CLC @LdnCLC
  • Olivia Rodriguez, HOD Computing, @livsrodrigues
  • Tony Parkin, Freelance educationalist, lecturer, mentor and writer. Former Head of ICT Development at SSAT.
  • @tonyparkin
  • Dan Sandhu, CEO, Sparx, @dansandhu
  • Michael Forshaw, CEO, Edtech Impact and Innovate My School, @TheEdtechImpact
  • Emma Pauncefort, @pensez_fort, Founder @Dilectae
  • Richard Smith, Amazing ICT @amazingICT
  • Dominic Norrish, Group Director of Technology, United Learning, @domnorrish
  • Mark Corbett, CEO, Edvent, @edventlife
  • Ismail Jeilani, CEO, Co-Founder, Scoodle - https://scoodle.co.uk/
  • Kaitlin Fritz, COO, Co-Founder, Musemio - https://www.musemio.com/

Show Notes and References

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