#156 - The Personal Curriculum


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What's in this episode?

Welcome to episode five of the Education 4.0 series co-curated with our friends at Jisc, looking at the changing world of education in the fourth industrial era.

This week’s episode is all about the personal curriculum. We explore what the personal curriculum might mean in reality, a reality where we can both forge our own path aided by technology but without feeling isolated.

We are horizon gazing with Natalie 4.0, bringing things back to the present day with Ada the Chatbot at Bolton College, and thinking about where pastoral care and the role of the mentor fits into personalised learning chatting to Connect2Teach and GP Dominique Thompson.

Enjoy! and don't forget to message in or post using #edu4_0!


  • Sophie Bailey is the Founder and Presenter of The Edtech Podcast | Twitter: @podcastedtech
  • Aftab Hussein, Technology Lead, Bolton College | Twitter: @Aftab_Hussain
  • Dean Baggaley, Systems Developer, Bolton College
  • Priyanka Agarwal, CEO & Founder, Connect2Teach | Twitter: @connect2teach
  • Dr Dominique Thompson, GP, Health & Wellbeing Consultant, | Twitter: @DrdomThompson

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