#170 - SEND and Inclusion


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Welcome to this first episode of our newest series, What Matters in Edtech, supported by Bett. This series is all about the things that matter in education, and how and when tech might help.

What's in this episode?

In the first episode, we are looking at Inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

We look at those working across teaching, learning and research supporting those with special educational needs and disabilities. We look at how their efforts are making way for better identification of learning needs, better innovation in assistive technology, and more inclusion in the classroom, at a time when grade pressure is charged with marginalising SEND learners.

Thank you to Bett for supporting this series.

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  • Sophie Bailey is the Founder and Presenter of The Edtech Podcast | Twitter: @podcastedtech
  • John Galloway, Inclusion and SEND Specialist, Tower Hamlets | Twitter: @johngalloway
  • Dr. Duncan Astle, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge | Twitter: @DuncanAstle
  • Sarah Jones, Year 3 and 4 teacher, Head and SENDco at Norham St Ceolwulf’s Church of England First School at Berwick Upon Tweed | Twitter: @Miss_Jones_83
  • Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Global Head of Accessibility, Microsoft | Twitter: @jennylayfluffy
  • Helen Caldwell, Senior Lecturer in Education (ITE - ICT), University of Northampton | Twitter: @helencaldwel
  • Leena Haque, Senior UX Designer & BBC Neurodiversity Lead | Twitter: @L1LHulk
  • Sean Gilroy, Head of Cognitive Design, BBC | Twitter: @S67Sean

Show Notes and References

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