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Welcome to the fifth episode of our What Matters in Edtech series, supported by Bett. This series is all about the things that matter in education, and how and when tech might help.

Thank you to pi-top for sponsoring this week's episode.

What's in this episode?

This episode is all about Innovation.

What is innovation? How can it be measured and sustained? How can a culture of innovation be developed, and what examples of pedagogical and technological innovation have come to the fore in recent years? We speak to entrepreneurs, ecosystem developers, academics and educators about the role of innovation and hear about how innovation is evolving in virtual reality in Singapore, career technical education in the US, STEAM education in Belgium, and real-world problem-solving in Bhutan. Plus, why educators are inherent innovators and more about the edtech innovation testbed here in the U.K. Phew!

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  • Sophie Bailey is the Founder and Presenter of The Edtech Podcast | Twitter: @podcastedtech
  • Nancy Wilkinson, Senior Programme Manager - Education, Nesta | Twitter: @NancyWilko
  • Dr Peter David Looker, formerly Head, Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy Division, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, now Chief Learning Officer, Eon Reality | Twitter: @peterloo51
  • Niko Lindholm, Program Director, Eduspaze (formerly XEdu) | Twitter: @nikolindholm
  • Jesse Lozano, Co-founder and CEO, pi-top | Twitter: @GetPiTop
  • Thomas Thoss, M.Ed., Enterprise Networks Instructor, Orange Technical College - Mid Florida Campus | Twitter: @ocpsotc
  • Garland Green, IT Director at International School of Brussels (ISB) | Twitter: @ggreenaz
  • Karma Lhakyi, Director, Fablab Bhutan
  • Tsewang Lhundup, Research & Development Engineer, Fablab Bhutan

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