#217 - Digital Transformation: how do you actually get it done?


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What's in this episode?

The episode is part of Season Two of our podcast series 'The Edge: Accelerating Higher Education', supported by Salesforce.org. The Edge takes a fresh look at higher education and digital transformation.

This episode seeks to address the impact of radical digital transformation which has taken place in 2020 and where this leaves Higher Education going forward.

You will hear about work that partners Jisc, Emerge Education and Salesforce.org have been doing around digital strategy in Higher Education.

The 2030 strategy framework for university leaders is centred around four main themes;

  • Leadership
  • Staff
  • Business model
  • Investment

There has been a sharp learning curve on what is possible and how it should be refined when we are using technology. Listen to our guests and learn from their research within the Digital Strategy Framework on what they found useful or surprising in 2020.

You can continue the conversation online at @podcastedtech and @SalesforceOrg with #EdtechEdge and #edtechpod.


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