#220 - Helping Frontline Workers (Time Invention of 2020)


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What's in this episode?

We are talking to the inspirational Dr Alex Young about the power of immersive tools to enhance learning and improve performance, especially in socially distanced settings. Virti was nominated as one of TIME’s inventions of 2020, so listen in to find out why. Also,

  • Why snowstorms can be responsible for amazing innovations
  • Why the future of immersive technology may be all about the data and can be used for teacher training, healthcare and retail as just a few examples
  • Why reading biographies can arm you with amazing virtual mentors
  • And why vocational technology is more about co-creation, not just generic SAAS platform business models

The episode is part of The VocTech Podcast series and is supported by Ufi VocTech Trust.

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