#221 - What Matters in Edtech: Future Tech and Trends


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Welcome to the latest episode of the GLOBAL edition of our What Matters in Edtech Series, our podcast collaboration with Bett. This podcast series is all about the things that matter in education, and how and when tech might help.

Thank you to Bett for supporting this series and to FormAssembly for supporting this episode.

What's in this episode?

This episode returns to the topic of future tech and trends in education, with one big consensus point across all our guests; collaboration, emotional learning and motivation.

With many of us experiencing the fall-out of poorly designed reactive online learning, this episode provides hope that the next generation of edtech (and its pedagogical deployment) will be all about more sophisticated ways of connecting, collaborating and learning together. For this, we need to understand our intrinsic emotions and motivations as learners better. Our guests chat about social-emotional learning, the next evolution of personalised learning, and how to demand the specific benefits of "AI in education". Plus, how investment is driving innovation across the U.S, Europe and China.

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Time Stamps for the episode

  • 5:22 - Pierre Dillenbourg
  • 15:58 - Magnus Pedaste
  • 29:41 - Anantha Duraiappah
  • 44:47 - Benoit Wirz
  • 58:21 - Lance Huang
  • 1:10:40 - Guest recommendations and resources

Show Notes and References

You can find links to any references from the episode in our show notes: https://theedtechpodcast.com/edtechpodcast.

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