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Episode 2

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In this second episode. I talk about how you can get a good visualization. Here are the following important tips:

  • Importance of details
  • Co-creation with the audience
    • Example launch slide set
    • KOL engagment
    • Multiple review rounds
  • Testing and refinement
  • Example trial level safety analyses
  • Iterative approach - validation level - documentation - fast turn arounds
  • Start with pen and paper and develop together fast
  • Focus on the larger topics like which plot to use first and then fine-tune to a more detailed level (examples for each)
    • Use of colour
    • Title
    • Labels, legends
    • Alignment
    • Footnotes
    • Supporting text
  • Dashboards (examples of each)
    • Filter and sorting options
    • Arrangement of multiple displays
    • Highlighting options
    • Hover over options
    • Digging deeper options
  • Encouraging and giving feedback

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